Unsent message to someone I used know


Hi <name>


I saw your name appearing on my profiile page under the visitors thing. I’ve no idea if you copped who I was or not. I know we haven’t spoken since forever and I know that that’s entirely my fault, I thought I had to cut everything out of my past but it never worked… I am really running out of people to talk to at this stage and I don’t even know why I’m sending this, this year was supposed to fix my life but I am just getting closer and closer to giving up, if things don’t get better soon then suicide is gonna be a serious possibility. I fuck up every single thing I touch, soon I’m gonna have a shitty degree and a shitty Masters (if I even pas it which I don’t think I can right now) and not good enough to even get me into some shitty basic entry level job. My room is full of empty bottles ’cause I just collapse and drink myself to sleep when nothing else works. I really feel like I’m at rock bottom right now even though I have to pretend I’m ok around people every single day, and I don’t even know why I’m talking to you I just……..I just don;t fucking know what to do. 😦


Oh and I saw your Youtube video talking about depression, that was really brave for you to do that.



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